The Final Line-up for London's KOREA ON STAGE this November Revealed

The final lineup for London's upcoming ‘KOREA ON STAGE ‘has been announced. Final act Henry Moodie will join the electric lineup of K-pop and K-music. Artists that are set to take to the stage are K-pop giants Ateez, Xikers, BOYNEXTDOOR. Joining them will be the girl group STAYC and the renowned South Korean rapper Lee Young-ji

Brining her unique sounds Yageum Yageum is a virtuosi gaygeum player. Known for immersing her audience by bridging the sounds of tradition with modern K-pop. The Gaygeum is a traditional Korean zither-like instrument that dates back over a thousand years. Garnering her a wide and loyal following across social media. Her appearance at the event aims to be a cultural revelation proudly showcasing the beauty of the instrument and bringing the past with the present. One not to be missed!

Adding to the cultural flair is Indie duo Jannabi, who have created a niche with their genre-defying music. The event will be their UK debut bringing their unique and distinctive sounds to the audiences. Members Choi Junghoon and Kim Dohyung came together and used the group to blend rock, folk, and pop. Their debut showcase looks set to captivate and encapture those who love indie rock and those broadening their horizons. 

Event organizers, My Music Taste have set the show up to celebrate the 140-year UK-Korean relations and is in partnership with South Korean television network KBS. As the two nations reflect on their shared history and the myriad cultural exchanges that have enriched their ties, this event serves as a melodic testament to the enduring bond between the UK and Korea. Through the universal language of music, the concert not only celebrates the past but also paves the way for a vibrant future of artistic and diplomatic collaboration. In a statement the company states 

“In celebration of 140 years of UK-Korea Relations, a series of special K-Music stages will be held in London! Through KOREA ON STAGE IN LONDON with KBS and MyMusicTaste, there will be numerous performances that are sure to be met with glowing enthusiasm, so please look forward to it! Let’s meet in London on the day we become one through K-Music!”

Fans can look forward to a diverse and exciting final line which includes the following:




Henry Moodie

Lee Young-ji



Xdinary Heroes


Yageum Yageum

The event will take place on November 8th at OVO Arena Wembley London and hosted by actress Gong Seung-Yeon. Tickets went on sale this week and can be purchased here.

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