FT ISLAND is Back with Their 9th Mini Album "Sage"


FT Island's ninth mini album "Sage" has been released!

“Don’t stop, I want to be born anew”

The band FT Island is back with a new album "Sage" after 1 year and 9 months.

FTISLAND's ninth mini-album "Sage" contains the message to go to a wider world and walk your own path wisely. Members  Lee Hongki and Lee Jaejin participated in writing the lyrics for the title song, ‘Sage,’ a rock genre song with an impressive drum and guitar sound and an addictive melody. As it has been so far, it depicts the courage to silently walk its own path in the future, and gives support to those living in the same era.

In addition to the title song, 'All Of My Life' stands out with a lyrical melody, 'I'm Still Here' with a subtle loneliness, 'Broken' is a rock genre with an intense guitar riff, strings, and synth sound, and a pop rock song ' Not Enough' and 'Rising Star (With G.O.P)', a reinterpretation with powerful energy of a song presented to the group 'G.O.P' produced by the band audition program 'THE IDOL BAND: BOY'S BATTLE'. In particular, the members of FT Island draw attention by participating in the production of all songs.

Like a bird breaking an egg and flying out of the world, FT Island sings to the world again.  You will find new and free FTISLAND.

1. Sage

The title song of FT Island's 9th mini album, 'Sage', is a rock genre song with strong drum and guitar sounds and an addictive melody. It is unknown whether the many decisions we made in our lives were wise choices, but it contains our aspirations to continue walking our own path in the future as we have done so far.

Lyricists: Lee Hongki, Lee Jaejin / Composers: Yuzuru Kusugo, Satoshi Shibayama / Arranger: Yuzuru Kusugo

2. All Of My Life

‘All Of My Life’ is a rock ballad genre with a soft and sweet guitar and piano. A lyrical melody expresses the longing for a loved one who has been with every moment.

Lyricists: Choi Min-hwan, Sooyoon, Pursuit, Play Hz / Composers: Choi Min-hwan, Pursuit, Play Hz, Moon Kim (Room01) / Arranger: Ko Jin-young

3. I'm Still Here

Lyricist: Lee Hongki, IL / Composers: Lee Hongki, IL, CHANGHYUN / Arrangers: IL, CHANGHYUN

‘I’m Still Here’ is a song that captures the profound loneliness of not being able to fully accept the breakup with a loved one.

4. Broken

‘Broken’ is a rock genre song with strong guitar riffs, strings, and synth sounds. The will to be liberated from the things that imprison me without being swayed by any words anymore stands out.

Lyricists: Lee Jaejin, Lee Uisu, Lee Taehyun / Composers: Lee Jaejin, Lee Uisu, Lee Taehyun / Arrangers: Lee Uisu, Lee Taehyun

5. Not Enough

‘Not Enough’ is a pop rock genre song with powerful drums and mysterious and mysterious pluck synths. The lyrics are impressive, telling me to return to my original self after a breakup after finding myself darkened from being tired of a relationship with a loved one.

Lyricists: Lee Hongki, Lee Jaejin / Composers: Alex Karlsson, Alexej Viktorovitch, Karoline Slemmen / Arranger: JeL

6. Rising Star (With G.O.P)

‘Rising Star (With G.O.P)’ is a reinterpretation of the song presented by FT Island to the group ‘G.O.P’ produced by the band audition program ‘THE IDOL BAND: BOY’S BATTLE’ with powerful energy.

Lyricist: G.O.P / Composers: Lee Hong-ki, IL, CHANGHYUN / Arrangers: IL, CHANGHYUN, Lee Eui-soo

Listen to "Sage" 

Meanwhile, FT ISLAND will feature on an episode of Killing Voice on September 12 7PM KST.

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