[Concert Review] KARD Lights up the Electric Ballroom in London

Kirsty Bright

It may have been the midst of a heatwave in London, but that didn't stop KARD from continuing to ignite the inferno even more. Back in London after six years, the four piece were met with a more than electric reception. Before the show, the streets were aligned with Hidden Kard awaiting to enter the famous Camden venue Electric Ballroom. Green adorned the streets with fans dressed in their best fits representing the fandom colours.

Waiting for the show to begin the audience was full of energy even though sweating shoulder to shoulder. Barking and fan chants added to the atmosphere before the group even came out. The moment the lights dimmed the crowd erupted. Kickstarting with the iconic “ICKY” not missing a beat, tightly choreographed in sync. 

Met with the heat of the out-of-normal British weather Kard reveled in the heat and delved into quintessentially British mannerisms. J.seph declared his excitement of being back in the UK and although it was hot he wanted everyone to get sweaty. Asking the crowd to go from looking prim and pretty to ugly as possible. BM announced he’d been looking forward to hearing his verse sung back in sexy British accents.

Confessing to fans he’d been practicing and perfecting his British accent to the delight of fans. Rapping his much-loved verse in ICKY, he proudly attempted his London impression. Though he joked about being ridiculed on K-pop stan Twitter, the crowd's enthusiastic cheers proved otherwise.

A well-crafted setlist was built upon three stages broken up with unit songs in the middle. BM and J.seph joined forces with a dramatic performance of “Been That Boy”. Somin and Jiwoo wowed the crowd with the emotional high of “Fxxk you” to the screams of fans. Rounded off with VCRs showing the Behind the Scenes of Icky, and their feelings on returning with new music. The joy of the four-piece was genuinely reflected in the interactions with the crowd. 

Affording a smaller venue allowed intimacy and fun moments with the fans. Memorable moments were created with a sexy dance competition getting fans to vote for the winner amongst the group. This led to enthusiastic encouragement from the crowd throwing a bra which J.seph delightfully accepted by fashioning the garment. 

What was clear was that London was ready to welcome back Kard with a dedicated fandom who was there to party and have fun. The quartet returned that energy with top-notch vocals, high-class charm, unstoppable energy, and polished choreography. The group wrapped up their tour in Paris after their successful run in America. 

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