Hwasa Returns with Lively and Confident New Single "I Love My Body"

May S


The legendary vocal Hwasa is back with her new digital single "I Love My Body"!

After a long wait, Hwasa is finally back, showing off her stunning vocals and visuals in her new solo "I Love My Body". The music video depicts the artist admiring herself in the mirror and dancing as she sings of self-love and confidence, surrounded by all her backup dancers. Hwasa has always been outspoken and bold when it comes to herself or her appearance, boasting a carefree and laid back attitude - and this notion particularly came through in the catchy melody of the song.

"Whether I lost weight or not, what's it to you?" - Hwasa

The song itself follows an upbeat, retro tune that matched well with the colourful backdrop of the MV. "I Love My Body" is Hwasa's first comeback in two years since her 2021 release "I'm a B", and is her very first solo release under P Nation

Why not dance along with Hwasa and check out the MV for yourself?

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