[Review] TRENDZ Begin the Next Journey with New Album "Still On My Way"

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The eager wait for TRENDZ's 3rd single album is over. The new mini album titled ‘Still On My Way’ released on 6th September at 12 pm KST contains three tracks. Tile track “My Way” came with a wonderfully structured music video to accompany a strong message of determination to pursue their dreams

The band's success with their previous release “New Dayz” marked a new beginning for them. The new chapter is fully realized and a fresh beginning carries a new sound with Still On My Way. “My Way” perfectly encapsulates the main message of the mini album, which was also reflected in the various concept photos. Stepping into new concepts comes with new sounds.

Both Havit and Leon, showcase their powerful and contrasting tones to create an impactful bridge. The notable rap talents of Hankook, ra.L, and Yechan shine as they’ve actively contributed to the songwriting process.

Despite the changes they still stick to their playful charms and colorful personalities which was reflected in the adjacent music video. A video that is bold with its storytelling, and tight choreography and captures the essence of youth whilst creating and finding their own path. With the strong lyric "With youth and passion, wherever the new world lies, I'll forge my own path” it's most definitely something fans will be able to resonate strongly with. 

The three tracks pack a punch and dive into three various genres yet to be explored by the band. “Ven Conimgo” explores the tropics with a Latin flare. Harmonizing as a team, the track climbs to a strong chorus dreaming of chasing the daydream. Although musically strong each member shines individually. It's an inspiring and fresh track delivering the message with the line "Where your heartwarming dreams lead... I'll always be there with you.”

The group rounds off the album with the stand-out track "O.Y.E," evoking a summer feeling with its summer trance sounds. Its varying tempos and harmonious slow-paced vocals gently build into the chorus. It’s a bold new sound that suits the seven-piece, bringing various meanings of determination and self-discovery.

Photo Courtesy of Moonlight PR/Global H 

The confidence in the group’s vocals and rap line round the mini album off ideally, telling the listener to "Shed hesitation, forget your past self, awaken to your true essence." It’s a strong message that has shown growth within the band. It’s a mature sound that suits the group, allowing them to showcase their impactful and various talents that leave an impression.

What’s evidently clear is that TRENDZ aims to continue their positive and inspirational journey to inspire not only themselves but also their fans. The ambition is clear through the compelling songwriting talents of the members. The group has shown remarkable growth in a short time since its debut in January 2022. Unafraid to play with their sound and image, TRENDZ is without a doubt a band to watch, they’re sure and confident of their direction, sound, and ability to make each comeback bolder than the last. 


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