Jeff Satur Releases Chinese Version of "Fade" After Participating in "Call Me by Fire" Season 3

Thai vocalist, songwriter, and entertainer Jeff Satur has released a Chinese version of his hit single 'Fade.' Fade is his most popular track with 135 Million views on YouTube, and over 100 Million streams on major streaming platforms. He also released an English version of Fade two weeks after releasing the Thai version.

'Fade' Chinese Version



Jeff Satur is a rising star in the Thai entertainment industry. He has released 7 singles with Wayfer Records - Warner Music Thailand, and has also starred in several television dramas. He is known for his good looks, charming personality, and impressive singing skills.

Jeff was excited to be appearing in Call Me by Fire. He said, “I am honored to be invited to participate in this show. It is a great opportunity for me to showcase my talents to a wider audience.”

He decided to release the Chinese version of Fade after debuting the version on the first episode of Call Me by Fire Season 3, as it was very well received and stood out amongst all the amazing shows that were presented that day. He played the Thai music instrument called a Phin during the performance. He also performed the song in Kaohsiung in early September at the KK BOX Music Awards, 2023.

The Chinese version was co-written by Panther Chan, Hong Kong Cantopop singer- songwriter. She won 4th place in the ‘Asian Millionstar’ in 2009 and participated in Song of China in 2014. After that, she developed her career as an independent singer and was signed to Warner Music Hong Kong in July 2019. Warner Music Thailand reached out to the Warner Music Group network to find a Chinese song writer in the network who could write the Chinese version quickly in time for the taping of the first episode. They were pointed towards Panther, who wrote the Chinese version in one night.

Jeff Satur will be dropping his next single on October 13 2023. Apart from that he is playing festivals and will continue to release singles along with a full album dropping sometime in Q1 of 2024. We will also have an Asia Tour following the album launch in Q1 of 2024.

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