[Review] Crowns Gather in Atlanta for Kingdom


The first thing anyone would notice as a new or seasoned fan of KINGDOM is the way the 7-member boy group brings their royalty concept to life; With breathtaking visuals through their dance moves, vocals, and stage presence, anyone is sure to be captivated the moment DannArthurJahanHwonLouisIvan, and Mujin take the stage. Their fans, known as KINGMAKERS, also bring that concept to life in the outfits they style for concert night. Lining up outside of Center Stage Theater in Atlanta, Kingmakers showed off their unique styles and interpretations of the royalty concept with crowns, gowns, layers, and multi-piece suits.

On their first Grand America Tour, they showcase their impressive musicality and have fun with their fans in games and conversation. The group opened the show with Excalibur and Dystopia, two powerful songs, setting the mood for a lot of fan-favorites throughout the night. 

Kingdom did an incredible job of finding balance in their setlist. After introduction ments connect them with their Kingmakers, they took to their spotlights to highlight their vocals with three ballads. As the songs built, so did Dann, the leader's, energy. He put the crowd in awe and you felt the transition of heart eyes almost immediately bloom into excitement as he wowed with his rap and vocal talent. Each member blossomed throughout the night and whether in solo moments of songs or sharing behind-the-scenes information, they found ways to connect with Kingmakers and show off their talents and personality.

The group prepared a special stage of three cover songs, singing Stray Kids' "Thunderous" and "Case 143" and Shawn Mendes's "There's Nothing Holding Me Back." They electrified the audience, inciting a sing-along, and came back from their quick stage-break even stronger. 

As the lights came up, the members refreshed and ready to play, they brought another game to the stage. The "Challenge Medley" featured popular dance challenges like Ivan performing "Super" by Seventeen, Arthur showing off his spiciest moves to Ateez's "Bouncy," and Mujin and Hwon switching from suave to sweetheart to perform the "YOASOBI Idol Challenge." 

Kingdom is a group with vocals that capture the ear, costumes that tell their story, impressively in-sync floor work and precise dance moves, and words that would warm any fan's heart. Arthur left their Kingmakers with a special ment to remember that, "In our eyes you are all glistening," and as the warmth radiated through the room, they shared their goodbyes and see you laters before the encore stage and end-of-night fan interactions. Closing the show with "Blinder," Kingdom truly kept the energy high until the last moment. And it didn't hurt that Mujin spent the very last minutes on the stage throwing hearts and waves all around. 

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With their 7th mini album on the way, Kingdom's next venture will be highlighting Jahan's "Kingdom of the Sun." Check out the rest of their discography on their YouTube channel for the full Kingdom effect. And stay tuned on tour updates, concert reviews, and more at KpopWise.com. 

Thank you to Studio Pav for the invitation. 

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Cheyenne is an Atlanta-based writer & photographer. K-Pop found her in 2020 and she's been hooked ever since. In her spare time, she is working on a novel and studying the Korean language. A multi-stan through-&-through, Cheyenne's favorite groups are Stray Kids, Ateez, Monsta X, basically every HYBE group ever, and the list goes on. Through her writing & photography, she hopes to shine the well-deserved spotlight on the passionate K-Pop artists that bring so much healing and joy to so many.

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