Non Smokers Club is Back with New Single Album "MMATT"

Non Smokers Club is gently shaking up the Korean indie music scene as a duo through their new double single, "MMATT" released on September 7Blending Flamenco and R&B/Hiphop with a touch of Latin American influence, the inherent appeal of their tracks 'MMATT' and 'LA VERDAD' is ready to connect with a worldwide audience.

The title track 'MMATT' showcases an emotive flamenco guitar melody accompanied by a strong 808 bass drum, sonically corresponding to the narratives of two individuals' ambitions. Meanwhile, the song 'LA VERDAD' enchants with its R&B pop vibe, unfolding a passionate and intense romance and mirroring the evocative essence of the title track.

The music video is directed by @kkkwonee, the esteemed executive director of ESVP Film, renowned for collaborations with artists like B.I, Blasé, Dbo, and many more K-POP artists.

Through their invigorating and modern sound, Non Smokers Club demonstrates that creativity and excitement know no smoking divide. Their compelling output exemplifies their ability to shatter boundaries.

Artwork by zuo

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Ciera Reeves

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