[Review] BTS Jungkook Sets Hearts in Motion with New Single '3-D (Feat Jack Harlow)'

Photo courtesy of Bighit Entertainment


With the success that was 'Seven' Jungkook is back with his second single '3-D (feat Jack Harlow).' Released on the 29th at 1 pm KST “3-D” is a step up from 'Seven', proceeding to live up to the “more mature side of Jungkook” promised by Bighit in the press release announcement. 

The short and sweet teaser released this week gave a brief glimpse into what the song and video entail. The lyrics, style, and shots gave little into what Jungkook had planned with the next release. Concept photos paralleled the enigma, mystery, and hype into how the visuals would also relate to the single. Simple lyrics trailing off ‘I wanna see it in motion, in 3-D.”

Photo courtesy of Bighit Entertainment

The melody is an RnB-inspired track and is dominated by what Jungkook does best and that is those famous harmonious vocals. He’s a pop star through and through, during the video he’s joined by a dance troupe in a playful dance routine. The video and song go in hand hand to create a cool, smooth 2000s vibe. It’s reminiscent of the smooth tones of pop bops during the late 90s and early 2000s released by the likes of Justin Timberlake and N*Sync.

A mature sound described by Bighit is prominent in the lyrics throughout, although a slow burn to the bridge, the catchy chorus acts as an earworm that will stay with you all day.

“So if you’re ready (So if you’re ready) / And if you’ll let me (And if you’ll let me) / I wanna see it in motion / In 3D (Uh-uh),”

In a Naver interview, Jungkook describes the vibe of the single: "It's a song that captivates your ears from beginning to end without ever being boring. It was a very interesting song when I first heard it, It shows a cool side with a different charm from 'Seven' which I think I can give to you. '3D’ is an attractive song to show performance. It would be good to pay attention to the performance along with the song, It is addictive because it is a repetitive choreography, so I hope many people will enjoy it in short form." 

Jack Harlow also features and breaks the track up with his rap. Appearing in the video to play chess with Jungkook. There is an alternative version of '3-D' with Jungkook’s vocals only also available to stream.

Whilst the lyricism is full of playful innuendos, the song is a fun pop number that acts as a prelude to “Seven.” Both tracks have allowed Jungkook to showcase the global popstar qualities known among fans. It’s allowed him to surprise fans with this new style and vibe, and without a doubt, his upcoming mini album will continue this much-loved new attitude presented by Jungkook.

Both versions of '3-D' are out on all streaming platforms and available for purchase on iTunes, Weverse, and the Geffen Records store. 

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