[Review] Sofia Gillani with New Single 'Bleed'

Ja'Nasia Whitfield


Sofia Gillani, the dynamic London-born singer/songwriter, has been captivating audiences since 2020 with her empowering music and visually striking videos. With an impressive collection of singles to her name, including the acclaimed 'Water Run Dry,' featured on BBC Introducing, Sofia's bold and invigorating pop sound is making waves worldwide. From Westfield London to Haslemere Fringe and Luton Pride, her live performances continue to leave a mark as she progresses. Sofia Gillani is undeniably the next bold pop sensation.

On September 29, 2023 Sofia released a new single called ‘Bleed’. A song filled with many emotions and powerful vocals. When I first heard ‘Bleed’ I was blown away with how Sofia's voice sounded. You can feel the emotion with every line. Not only are the lyrics absolutely incredible but the instrumental alone is amazing! I expected nothing less from the talented singer but she outdid herself. I added the song to my favorites not even a minute in. To get into the lyrics, I want to say it is relatable. When thoughts/feelings overflow your mind, it will eventually come out all at once. Overall, I really enjoyed this song and will continue to listen to it. 

Below is the Lyric Music Video.

In her own words: 

"'Bleed’ is the song dedicated to letting overflowing and overthought emotions and moments are released, in one of the most natural ways, bleeding. I was actually inspired by ancient history where they believed that bleeding out was a remedy for illnesses, but here I've modernized it to become this concept where the 'illness' of negativity, doubt and Fear is being released slowly, but safely through blood. I used to actually be scared of bleeding, but now I've embraced it. One  could interpret it as having a gore element, but I see it as a song of healing similar to a person healing from an injury. It challenges my vocal range, and emotional depth, and it is a raw song that leaves me vulnerable with my audience. A song needed in my upcoming EP 'Pareidolia' to express that my work is very close to me.”

Did you enjoy 'Bleed' like I did? Let us know!

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