[Mini Interview] cignature Reflects on the Memories of Youth in "Us in the Summer" EP

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Group cignature which debuted in 2020 under J9 Entertainment with the members JEEWON, SEMI, CHAESOL, SELINE, CHLOE, DOHEE, and BELLE (who is currently participating in the audition survival show Universe Ticket) made a comeback with their fourth EP, “Us in the Summer” on August 29.

The “Us in the Summer” EP includes four new songs with each depicting different experiences young girls face in their youth. The narrative begins with ‘Mess With My Mind’ where the girls get together to talk about the complexity of love, then we move into the title track ‘Smooth Sailing’ which tells the story of a trivial love. The following song, ‘Sorry So Sorry,’ describes leaving a love we wanted but having too many worries about it. The EP concludes with ‘Little Me,’ which attempts to comfort an anxious.

They are known for their unique and refreshing concept, and the title track ‘Smooth Sailing’ is no exception. The song is a bright, funky track with an uplifting brass sound about experiencing feeling of having a youthful crush.

‘Smooth Sailing’ Music Video

KpopWise was fortunate enough to attend a media roundtable along with other media colleagues with cignature to ask as them a couple of questions.

The “Us in the Summer” EP talks about girls in their youth and all the new things they are experiencing such as love, breaking up, and finding your inner self. We wanted to know more about their personal memories from their youth.

KW: Since your album is about youth, what is your earliest of memory from your childhood?


There is one thing I remember. When I was young, I used to go to a daycare center because both of my parents were working. They took turns picking me up from the daycare, and I distinctly remember the joy of running to greet them with a hug when they arrived, even when I was playing with my friends at the time.

cignature had a full schedule promoting their new song at events and music shows and of course had the opportunity to interact with other idols by participating in dance challenges. We were curious to know what sorts of TikTok challenges the ladies would like to try next.

KW: Is there an artist that you would like to do a TikTok challenge with that you haven't yet?


In Korea, there is a culture of bowing when greeting each other. We incorporated this to our challenge so I think it would be wonderful if we get a chance to say hi to as many artists as possible through this challenge.

You can see the bow choreography in the challenge videos on cignature’s social media.

@cignature_j9 DKZ 재찬 선배님과 안녕, 인사해💗 @DKZ #cignature #시그니처 #DKZ #디케이지#JAECHAN #재찬 #cignaturechallenge #시그니처챌린지 #안녕인사해챌린지 #SmoothSailingchallenge #배꼽인사춤 ♬ Smooth Sailing - cignature



A special thank you to Helix Publicity and J9 Entertainment for the opportunity.

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