[Fanart Friday] BLACKSWAN 'Cat and Mouse'

Multinational K-pop girl group BLACKSWAN released the music video for their follow up song 'Cat and Mouse' on September 6 along with the "That Karma - Pop Edition" album. The album includes an English version of 'Karma' and 'Cat and Mouse' and a new song 'A World without Pain.'

BLACKSWAN will have their first U.S Tour Showcase in November. Drop by https://kpopbestie.com/ to get your tickets!

With the lovely vibe, vibrant colors and cute cat aesthetic, it inspired some Lumina (fandom name) to create art based off of  the comeback. Check them out below! Support the artists by showing some love on their pages if you like the art.

Disclaimer: KpopWise does not own the artwork in this article and will remove them at the request of the original artist. 




Do you have a favorite BLACKSWAN fanart? Let us know @kpopwise.  

Ciera Reeves

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