TXT’s The Name Chapter: Freefall Album Review

Tomorrow X Together (TXT)  has made their highly anticipated comeback with a full length album titled “The Name Chapter: Freefall.” Let’s dive into it!

Growing Pain

Growing Pain is a piercing rock anthem, and unlike what some are used to hearing in K-pop. Like the name of the project, Growing Pain throws the listener into the album, leaving them to freefall with this heavy start. With lyrics like “been free falling into the sky” and “I’m falling endlessly,” it is a perfect opening.

Chasing That Feeling

The title track of the project is Chasing That Feeling. The song gives off an 80s retro-esque pop vibe with an addictive synth and satisfying melodies. The mellow, nostalgic feel of the track blends in well with the essence of this album. 

Back For More (TXT Ver)

Track 3, Back For More, was a pre-release featuring Brazilian singer, Anitta. The TXT version, which is solely sung by the quintet, was released before the album. Unlike the version with Anitta, it includes the dance break portion of the song which was omitted.


The next track of the album is Dreamer. Similar to its title, Dreamer is a soft RnB track that sounds like a sweet dream if it were in auditory form. The satisfying melodies and beautiful falsettos throughout the song aids the “dreamy” feeling it carries.

Deep Down

The next track, Deep Down, is a mellow EDM pop track. Despite its faced-paced bass, the song brings forth a feeling of loneliness or endless falling.

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After is a playful pop banger--but in true TXT fashion, the lyrics juxtapose the light-heartedness of the instrumental. Similar to their song “Happy Fools” on their previous album The Name Chapter: Temptation, the bubbly tone of the song makes you want to dance yet the lyrics drag you into the reality that we are all avoiding.

Skipping Stones

Next on the album is Skipping Stones. The quintet’s voices really shined through on this track as they showcased falsettos, extended notes and strong chest vocals throughout the track.

Blue Spring

If you attended a concert stop at TXT’s Act: Sweet Mirage tour then you had an early listen to this track. This is a song dedicated to Moas and their unwavering support of the group. TXT belts out their gratitude through this guitar-led pop ballad which was co-produced by Beomgyu.

Do It Like That

Like Back For More, Do It Like That was a pre-release. The track is a funky pop track featuring American band, Jonas Brothers.  

Chasing That Feeling (English Ver.)

The final track on the project is an English version of the title, Chasing That Feeling.

Overall, TXT’s The Name Chapter: Freefall is a satisfying auditory experience of how it feels to “freefall” into reality. The tracks fit cozily into TXT’s lost boys storyline and adds to their ever growing genre-mixing discography.


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