How to Watch KCON Saudi Arabia 2023 on October 6 and 7

Ciera Reeves

KCON Saudi Arabia 2023 will be held for the second year in a row. The prominent convention and music festival celebrating Korean pop culture and entertainment, features concerts with popular K-pop artists. 

KCON Saudi Arabia 2023 is scheduled to take place at Boulevard Riyadh City on October 6 and 7, featuring two consecutive nights of concerts with different sets of performing artists.

The impressive lineup for this year's KCON Saudi Arabia includes RIIZE, Super Junior, Dreamcatcher, OH MY GIRL, Highlight, EVERGLOW, the "Queendom Puzzle" winners EL7Z UP, EVNNE, KARD, TEMPEST, Hyolyn, TNX, and 8TURN.

On Day 1 (October 6), RIIZE, Super Junior D&E, Highlight, EVERGLOW, KARD, Hyolyn, and 8TURN will take the stage, while on Day 2 (October 7), the performers will be Super Junior, Dreamcatcher, OH MY GIRL, EL7Z UP, EVNNE, TEMPEST, and TNX.

You can watch the red carpet events and the concerts on YouTube. 

Day 1 Concert 

Day 2 Red Carpet

Day 2 Concert 

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