BLACKPINK's Jennie Releases Long Awaited Special Single 'You & Me'

Ciera Reeves

On October 6, BLACKPINK's Jennie released her long-awaited solo single, "You and Me." The single features stunning cover art by Naoko Takeuchi, the creator of the popular manga and anime series Sailor Moon.

Fans have eagerly awaited for the single to be dropped as Jennie performed the song on BLACKPINK's world tour earlier this year. 

"You and Me" is an English language dance pop song with a catchy melody. The song is about the special bond between two people who are deeply in love. Jennie's unique vocals are on full display in the song with both singing and rapping.

The cover art for 'You & Me' was illustrated by the iconic creator of Sailor Moon.  Naoko Takeuchi has created a beautiful and whimsical illustration of Jennie, which perfectly captures the mood of the song.

Check out the performance video. 

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