Sunmi Drops Creepy MV for New Comeback "Stranger"

May S

Sunmi has released the MV for "Stranger", the title track for her latest digital single of the same name. 

"Stranger" is an unusual, creepy song featuring gothic and haunting imagery, with classic horror references such as Frankenstein's monster. Throughout the video, Sunmi can be seen chasing after the lost "Frankenstein" self that she built, through a series of different odd locations as she moves from exploring a haunted house, to dancing with another monstrous entity.

Like the music video, the song also takes an artfully disjointed approach as it switches from melancholic, to whimsical, to creepy - repeating the line "Mr. Stranger running into danger" like one would an unsettling nursery rhyme. The melodic transitions mirror the disjointed nature of the Frankenstein's monster theme, adding to the unhinged atmosphere, complete with zombie-esque choreography.

The album contains two other songs; "Calm Myself" and "Call My Name". The lyrics across all the songs were written by Sunmi, who also participated in composition and arrangement. 

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