CRUSH Releases 3rd Full Album "wonderego"

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On November 14, singer CRUSH has returned with the release of his 3rd full-length album, wonderego. This comes four years after his second full album release, From Midnight To Sunrise. The new album holds a special meaning because it announces a new chapter for CRUSH is entering after ten yearlong career where he will continue to write and sing about his most inner honest feelings. 

“Shortcomings are what made me who I am for a long time. ‘wonderego’ is a journey that begins with it. Shortcomings and completeness, boredom and excitement – On this journey, I take one more step on the road of my mixed, indescribable emotions that pierce through complex feelings. Ultimately, ‘I’ have various sides of myself, so ‘I’ continue my life for another day.”


wonderego contains 19 new songs from various genres, including R&B, soul, pop, funk, and house. CRUSH was actively involved throughout the entire album’s creative process, for many of the tracks, he wrote lyrics and worked on the composition and even arrangement of the music.

The title track, “흠칫 (Hmm-cheat),” is an R&B track that pays homage to 2000s pop and expresses the startling moment when one finds their ideal type. He collaborated with a few well-known artists for wonderego, including Dynamicduo, PENOMECO, AMAKA, Kim Ximya, and Lee Hi


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