DKB Returns with 7th Mini Album "Hip"

On November 30, group DKB released their 7th mini album "HIP," along with the music video for the title track 'What the Hell.' 

DKB, who has been busy enough to arrive in Korea early in the morning on the day of the showcase (from the Peak Time concert in Japan), made a quick comeback about 4 months after his 6th mini repackage album "We Love You." The new album ‘Hip’ is an album containing the aspirations of those who want to break away from the gaze and standards of others, discover their true selves, and grow with integrity.

The title song of the new album, ‘What The Hell’, which contains a total of 5 songs, is composed of synth bass and It is a glitch-hop based hip-hop dance song that contains the ambition that the group DKB can overcome any hardships and adversities that come their way. Harry Jun, Junseo, D1, etc. also participated in creating the choreography to improve its perfection.

Heechan commented, 

“This is an album that contains a strong ambition to grow in Dark B’s unique colors. We are a team created based on hip-hop, and while we mainly showed emotional hip-hop, this is an album that can show dark, born-to-be hip-hop. “In addition to the title song, the included songs, including the fan song we wrote and composed, are also good.” 

D1 explained, 

“I think it feels 180 degrees different from the albums and songs we showed before. Previously, it was described as emotional hip-hop, but this time it is intense hip-hop. We prepared these songs to show off what we were confident in and wanted to do from the beginning. “We worked hard to prepare it because it was a concept that not only we, but also the fans wanted.” 

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