[Interview] 82MAJOR on First Impressions and Aspirations

82MAJOR interview with KpopWise

82MAJOR is six-member boy group, hailing from GREAT M Entertainment, who are ready to make a resounding mark on the global stage. Comprising Nam Seong Mo, Park Seok Joon, Yoon Ye Chan, Cho Seong Il, Hwang Seong Bin, and Kim Do Gyun, 82MAJOR is a powerhouse rookie group of talent and charisma. Their name itself, a fusion of South Korea's country code '82' and their ambition and determination to set new trends and establish themselves as a dominant presence globally.

Debuting with their 1st single album, "ON," released on October 11, 2023, 82MAJOR introduced the world to their unique sound and style. The single features two title tracks, 'Sure Thing' and 'FIRST CLASS,' showcasing the group's versatility and musical prowess. 

The first title song, 'Sure Thing,' has a refreshing and cheerful sound that encapsulates the group’s excitement about meeting their fans in the future. Members Nam Seong Mo and Hwang Seong Bin both participated in writing lyrics for this track. South Korean producer and songwriter Ryan Jhun, platinum-selling songwriter Wyatt Sanders, and multi-platinum & Billboard #1 K-Pop Charting producer and songwriter Charles Frank Rhodes Jr. came together to create the composition. 

The second title track, 'FIRST CLASS,' showcases the group’s determination and confidence towards relying on each other in order

to reach new heights together. Members Nam Seong Mo, Hwang Seong Bin, and Yoon Ye Chan also took part in writing lyrics for this song along with K-pop singer-songwriter Roydo. In addition, platinum-awarded producer and topliner Frederik Jyll participated in helping compose it.

As they take their first steps into the spotlight, 82MAJOR is set to captivate audiences with their distinctive blend of talent and charm. This is just the beginning – 82MAJOR is here to make a major impact!

Join us as we get to know 82MAJOR, as KpopWise met the group through a roundtable of our media colleagues. 


KW: Congratulations on your debut! What was your first impression of each other?

Hwang Seong Bin: When I first saw Seong Il, it was as if he was a foreigner. 

Kim Do Gyun: When I first met Seok Joon, he wore thick glasses due to his poor eyesight. Later, at the dorm, seeing him after showering without his glasses was surprising - he looked quite different!

Park Seok Joon: Seong Mo tends to be more outgoing when he's familiar with people. Initially, he was quite reserved and shy when we first met, as we weren't very close at the time. Now, he is a very funny person. He makes a lot of funny jokes.

Cho Seong Il: Around the members, Seong Mo is the most outgoing and active person. But when he encounters someone for the first time, he becomes incredibly shy.

Ye Chan and Doyun sing 'Super Shy'

Yoon Ye Chan: (Joking) It's crazy how no one is talking about me.

Park Seok Joon: Ye Chan's always been the funny one, now and back then. 

Kim Do Gyun: And he is really kind.

Hwang Seong Bin: He is really cool as well.

Kim Do Gyun: He is just too sweet!

Yoon Ye Chan: You all are too late.

Do Gyun cutely hugs Ye Chan's arm.

KW: Is there a skill that you want to learn?

Park Seok Joon:  While I'm primarily a rapper, I also enjoy singing and would like to develop my vocal skills. I handle lower pitches, but I'm eager to explore higher notes and expand my abilities in singing.

Cho Seong Il: I want to learn how to play musical instruments. Currently, I compose while listening to beats, but I believe integrating instruments into my music creation process will be a novel approach and it will allow new inspirations. 

Yoon Ye Chan: For me, I produce, so obviously I know how to do all the basic stuff. But, I also want to know how to do audio engineering and special stuff from automation, mix mastering, and the other cool little details. 


From the insights gleaned from their responses, it is evident that the members of 82MAJOR are ardently seeking avenues to elevate their artistic prowess. This collective ambition extends across various facets of their craft, ranging from honing their vocal abilities through dedicated practice sessions to delving into the intricacies of music production. The group's unwavering dedication to refining their skills underscores a commitment to continuous growth and an unquenchable thirst for musical excellence.

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Thank you to 82MAJOR, GREAT M Entertainment, and Helix Publicity for the interview.

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