DKB's Teo Withdraws from the Group After DUI Incident


On November 6, Brave Entertainment released a statement that DKB member Teo had been booked for drunk driving on October 30 and had his driver's license revoked as a result. 

Brave stated that drunk driving is unacceptable for any reason and after a careful discussion with Teo they ultimately concluded that Teo would leave DKB to protect the team. 

Meanwhile, Teo left a letter of apology in the group's Fancafe; 

Hello, I'm Teo. 

First of all, to the fans who felt great disappointment over causing controversy due to an unpleasant incident.

sorry. It was an irresponsible action that betrayed the love and support we received.

Above all, I apologize for causing harm to the members and many staff members who are still working hard to prepare for their comeback due to my immature actions.

As of today (November 6), to prevent damage to the members due to my mistake, I will leave the team.

I once again bow my head in apology to everyone who has shown so much love to me for my shortcomings. Going forward, I will reflect deeply and reflect on myself.

DKB is set to have a comeback this month with eight members and and have filmed the music video without Teo. However, as he was the main vocalist of the group all of the songs have to be revised and performances modified. 

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