Evermore Entertainment's New Band Catch the Young Makes Debut

Evermore Entertainment's new band Catch the Young (Namhyun, Kihoon, Sani, Junyong, and Jungmo) have finally made their debut on November 1 with their first mini album "Catch the Young: Fragments of Youth." 

'Fragments of Youth' is an album that depicts the feelings and images that come to mind when thinking about the brightest days and brilliant moments of youth. The seven self-composed songs, which fully capture the emotions the five members have felt and developed, talk about the small moments of youth that everyone has encountered in their lives.

'Youth!!!' MV

The five members, who are confident that they will be the leaders of the 'next generation band', will tell a story that everyone can relate to, from the younger generation who will have endless adventures based on their solid musical capabilities, to the generation that has just entered a brilliant period, and to the generation that remembers their past youth.

The group will have a busking performance at 6PM KST. The performance and also be watched on Instagram live. @catch_theyoung

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