[Review] Epik High Release a Dose of Reality with New Single 'Screen Time (Feat Hoshi of SEVENTEEN)'


Epik High is finally back with new music and features Hoshi of Seventeen. The single titled 'Screen Time' was teased last week to the delight of fans. On 1st November at 6 pm KST, the video was released. 

Both song and video have a hauntingly beautiful vibe that makes for an easy gentle listen. Despite the sadness and concept of missing someone, Hoshi’s crisp, tender vocals balance out the band's rap combining the vocals and pace well.

The music video is an interesting take on how we as a society consume so much information on our phones. But how we can grow attached to thinking, checking up on past relationships, the visuals are dark, and conceptual and capture the essence of the song perfectly. Many have been in a place where their screen time has been shockingly high due to various reasons. A message expertly executed, from the start Hoshi is seen on a date attached to his phone checking up on what appears to be an ex.

The video plays out as a dark, well-acted video exploring various lost love scenarios, all connected to the bright screen despite being surrounded by people. It’s a well-acted, dark video that highlights our dependence on our phones be it for good or bad.

After the announcement of the upcoming new single Epik High showcased the reveal of their long-awaited lightstick for their fandom. Of which reflects the fun, and unseriousness tone of the group that makes them so well loved.

Tablo jokingly explained how his “My big time K-pop dongsengs say I need to do a comeback timetable or whatever, is this how u do it” which he revealed on his notes app. “Screen Time” is the second release from Epik High this year after the ep "Strawberry" in February. The album featured collaborations with Mamamoo’s Hwasa and GOT7’s Jackson Wang.

The song is available on streaming platforms with four versions consisting of instrumental, voice only, and two versions of the song itself.  

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