Seventeen's Dino Show's Creative Flair with New Mixtape 'Wait'


Dubbed the future of K-pop, Dino of Seventeen has set out to prove why that’s true with the release of his new mixtape. His solo EP, titled Wait, showcases the many sides he’s eager to display. While there are many elements to the song, there’s no clear genre; instead, it’s infused with jazz, with the use of an electric synth creating a unique sound. The track was written and produced by Dino, with fellow member Woozi, known for producing Seventeen’s discography, also having co-credits on the track. 

What’s clearly a love song, it acts as a poem to his significant other declaring, “We've got a good rhythm/This unquestionable feeling/Crystal clear, this love, vibe/Growing clear, these eyes, change it/The sight of us lingering, hesitating/I already know/The reason behind the reluctance/It's a little harder to/Wait for it now.” 

Known as the main dancer in Seventeen, Dino plays to his strengths well as is evident throughout the music video this is due to the solo dance moves that transition into the more grand dance routines. Not only that, but we see a mature side to him, with an array of visual styles, mostly dark, stylish, and charismatic. To say he looks cool is an understatement. Described by Pledis Entertainment as, “A true visual feast, with Dino breaking away from his usual image to sport his dazzling visuals as well as looks based on turn-of-the-century and cyberpunk themes.” 

Throughout the video, many subtle signs allude to the theme of waiting via crosswalk lights and even the use of dance. It all concludes with a tightly coordinated group number, with Dino in the middle, appearing with burned arms. This could be seen as a metaphor for him being burned out and tired of waiting for answers on the troubled relationship. The double denim look, again, is a mature side of Dino that will surprise fans who will see him in a new light. Yet it suits him - not just style but sound - and it's a concept that could easily be featured on a comeback album.

In the lead-up to the release, teasers gave insight that his mixtape was to be outside the norm. The concept photos had him looking like a member of South Korea’s indie band, Balming Tiger. Visually, it was out of the box for what we're used to seeing; it marks a new beginning for Dino, and hopefully, we get to see more of it in the future.

Photo Courtesy of Pledis Entertainment

Prior to Wait, November 2nd saw him release Icarus as part of the Castaway Diva OST Part 3. Dino’s will also be the latest addition to the 4th volume of The Thirteen Tapes (TTT). The project began to coincide with the release of members' mixtapes, which began in 2021 with Hoshi’s Spider and was swiftly followed by Woozi’s Ruby and Vernon’s Black Eye in 2022.

Seventeen are currently on their Follow To Japan tour hot off the success with the 11th mini album Seventeenth Heaven in October.

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