TAEYEON Releases 5th Mini Album "To. X"

On November 27, K-pop’s renowned vocal queen TAEYEON returns with the release of "To. X" - The 5th Mini Album. The confessional six-track EP is a collection of songs portraying aspects of tumultuous relationships and inner vulnerabilities, told from different perspectives.

Conceptually put together as a letter, “To. X” is a stripped-back body of work; highlighting TAEYEON’s well-honed storytelling prowess. Listen HERE.

The title track ‘To. X’ tells the story of an intoxicating romance that quickly gave way to the dominance of one self-centered person. Over vibrant acoustic guitar riffs and a crisp R&B beat, TAEYEON sings, in lyrics roughly translated: “Between us there’s just you. Just you is all we see”. 

The break-up themes continue on the resolute ‘Burn It Down’ and the emotional take-down of ‘Nightmare’. On the introspective ‘All For Nothing’, TAEYEON shows the vulnerable side of a an all-consuming love that leaves her depleted.

Despite the confessional tone of “To. X”; there are moments of levity to be found. Over the R&B track filled with percussions, and guitar riff infused with trumpet sounds, ‘Melt Away’ transports listeners to a place where ice-cold hearts wield to the warmth of a radiant lover. After a string of emotional songs, the EP closes on a brighter note with ‘Fabulous’. The English track hears TAEYEON coming out on the other side with her overflowing confidence. “Darling, I’m a masterpiece, a work of art,” she flexes. “I’m your sunshine, I’m your star. Babe without me, won’t get that far”. The perfect sign off to X.

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