VIVIZ Releases 4th Mini Album "VERSUS" and 'Maniac' Music Video

VIVIZ released their 4th mini album "VERSUS" on November 2. 

The fourth mini-album contains VIVIZ's concerns and answers in two worlds: "the fantasy world created by others and the world I create." It talks about choices and decisions through various "VERSUS", and honestly expresses beautiful but dangerous, difficult but happy moments without deceiving or hiding them, making you think again about what you really want.

This new album contains a total of 5 songs, including the title song 'MANIAC'. The title song 'MANIAC' is an impressive song with lyrics and an addictive melody that sensuously express the feelings of hurting and being hurt by each other in the name of love, but ultimately acknowledging that this is also love. 

MANIAC Music Video

The level of perfection was further raised by combining the performance of choreographer Kany, who has created choreography for leading domestic and international artists such as Beyoncé and SHINee. In addition, the music video, which contains various emotions between people such as joy, sadness, and friendship, increases immersion by combining VIVIZ's expressive power, and provides a wealth of attractions with colorful screen transitions and a detailed story.

In addition, 'Untie', which is about moving forward confidently without being trapped in a small box on social media, 'Overflow', an R&B-based dance song that expresses unorganized and overflowing emotions, and 'Day by Day', a cheerful medium-tempo pop song. ', you can see the growth of VIVIZ, who has become more independent and mature, through 'Up 2 Me', which contains a story that begins with my decision.

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