Dyson Chooses BLACKPINK's Jisoo as Brand Ambassador

BLACKPINK's Jisoo recently earned the prestigious title of Dyson ambassador, marking a significant collaboration between the globally acclaimed K-pop star and the innovative technology brand. 

Jisoo's charisma and influence align seamlessly with Dyson's commitment to cutting-edge design and functionality. As the face of Dyson, she brings a fresh perspective to the brand, transcending boundaries between music and technology. 

This partnership not only highlights Jisoo's rising prominence in the entertainment industry but also underscores Dyson's strategic choice of a global icon to represent their brand, undoubtedly creating a synergy that resonates with fans worldwide.

Jisoo's collaboration with Dyson follows the announcement of her role in the zombie drama 'Influenza.'

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Karly B

Karly is a USA-based Entertainment journalist. An ardent K-Pop fan, her favorite groups are BLACKSWAN and SUPERM and her bias’ are NVee and Kai.

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