Former Romeo Member Kim Hyunjong to Join Group KNK

Photo Cr. 220 Entertainment

Kim Hyunjong, a former member of the group Romeo, joins the group KNK.

The agency 220 Entertainment posted Kim Hyunjong's new profile on the official SNS on the 5th and announced the news of joining the team.

In the released photo, Kim Hyun-jong caught the eye with his casual styling that matched jeans with a bright blue-toned knit. With dazzling visuals and a gentle smile that seem to have come out of a romance comic, he radiated 'real-life boyfriend charm', sparking an explosive response from global fans.

He debuted as a member of the group Romeo in 2015. Kim Hyunjong, who worked under the stage name Hyunkyung, received great love from global fans as an 'all-round idol' with a tall height, warm visuals, and excellent singing and dancing skills making him an excellent addition to KNK.

In particular, Kim Hyunjong was selected as one of the top three visuals chosen by trainees in the JTBC idol in 2017's survival program 'Mix Nine' (in which KNK also participated) and last year, he appeared in KBS2 'Pyeon Restaurant' with trot singer Lee Chanwon and became a hot topic by revealing their special friendship.

KNK, made a bold entry into the music industry with their first single 'Knock' in 2016. Afterwards, 'Back Again', 'Sun, Moon, Star', 'Lonely Night', and 'Ride.' Kim Hyunjong, who enlisted in the army as an active-duty soldier in 2020, was discharged from the military last year after completing his military service. 

Expectations are high to see what kind of performance and charm he will show as he announces a new leap forward as a member of KNK and capture the hearts of the public.

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