[Photo Gallery] CHUU in New York was a Howling Success

Photo Cr. Thomas Ma // KpopWise

On December 13, CHUU brought her "HOWL" tour to New York at the Kings Theater. 

From the moment she appeared onto the stage, clad in a sparkling black dress and radiating sunshine-like charisma, CHUU commanded the attention of the room. Her powerful vocals soared through tracks like 'Underwater' and 'Hitchhiker,' and even the rock version of 'Heart Attack.'  

It wasn't just the music that captivated the audience. CHUU's infectious stage presence, peppered with playful banter and genuine warmth, created an intimate connection that transcended language barriers.

Photo Cr. Thomas Ma // KpopWise 

The setlist itself was a curated journey through CHUU's musical evolution, showcasing her versatility and artistic growth. From the ethereal pop of 'My Palace' to the funky 80s inspired groove of 'Alien,' each song unfolded like a chapter in her personal story, inviting the audience into her vibrant world, a testament to the unifying power of music and CHUU's undeniable talent.

Check out the photo gallery from CHUU's New York concert!

Photography by Thomas Ma @Thomasma__Special thanks to Wonderwall and Kings Theater for the opportunity.

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