JUNNY Releases Single Album 'Promise'

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JUNNY Releases Single Album  'Promise'

Singer-songwriter JUNNY releases his latest single, ‘Promise.’

The new single, ‘Promise,’ carries the timeless message of offering a shoulder to lean on at the end of the day. The track features an electro guitar foundation, complemented by acoustic drum samples, creating a contemporary R&B sound. With the use of vintage synths and pads, JUNNY aims to deliver an analog warmth, evoking a cozy winter sentiment. Collaborating with the producer, No2zcat, they have elevated the production quality of ‘Promise.’ They share a history of working together on JUNNY’s previous tracks, ‘MOVIE’ and ‘INVITATION.’

JUNNY -  'Promise' Music Video 

The side track ‘Better Days’ falls under the R&B and soul genres, holding the message that the entrance of someone into an empty daily life has made the days better. The song features THAMA; who has gotten recognition in the ‘Best R&B & Soul Album’ at the 19th Korean Music Awards and the ‘R&B Album of the Year’ at the Korean Hip Hop Awards 2022, adding more richness to the song.

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