ATEEZ, Coachella's First K-Pop Boy Group

ATEEZ are no strangers to making history. The official announcement of their participation in Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival 2024 confirms the hard work the 4th generation boy group has consistently put in since their debut in 2018. They are the first K-pop boy group to join the lineup for the international music festival since it's origins in 1999. 

The boy group, made up of 8 members, HONGJOONG, SEONGHWA, YUNHO, YEOSANG, SAN, MINGI, WOOYOUNG, and JONGHO, unabashedly express their creativity and the history-making comes with the territory. 'Music Bank' is KBS's music chart show that showcases the top 50 songs of the week. At the end of 2023, ATEEZ secured three wins in a row, with their latest title track, "Crazy Form." They continued to add more titles to their award roster like MAMA Awards: 'Worldwide Fans’ Choice Top 10' and 'Favorite Global Performer – Male Group,' and K Global Heart Dream Award's 'K Global Best World Tour.' 

ATEEZ holding their MAMA award with a pink backdrop.

ATEEZ is constantly upping their game with exploratory styles and genres, never shying away from challenging themselves, and highlighting their skills as individuals and as a group. Their latest album, THE WORLD EP. FIN: WILLalso their first album to reach #1 on the US Billboard 200featured unit songs where members showed off unique styles and captivating storytelling lyrics proving how instrumental each member is to the 8 that make 1 team.

Dedicated fans, affectionately known as ATINY, and new fans they are sure to gain from Coachella attendance, can expect a stage of impressive choreography, breathtaking vocals, and unexpected effects.

Alongside other Korean artists, LE SSERAFIM, The Rose, and even more international acts, Coachella is sure to appeal to all kinds of music tastes even in the April heat. Get your tickets soon and help ring in another era of K-Pop history. 

ATEEZ at Kcon 2022

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Cheyenne Chong

Cheyenne is an Atlanta-based writer & photographer. K-Pop found her in 2020 and she's been hooked ever since. In her spare time, she is working on a novel and studying the Korean language. A multi-stan through-&-through, Cheyenne's favorite groups are Stray Kids, Ateez, Monsta X, basically every HYBE group ever, and the list goes on. Through her writing & photography, she hopes to shine the well-deserved spotlight on the passionate K-Pop artists that bring so much healing and joy to so many.

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