Karam, Injun, and Jay of DGNA to Debut in New 5 Member Group ASC2NT

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On January 17, New Ways Entertainment announced the lineup of their boy group ASC2NT.

On ASC2NT's social media page, profile photos were uploaded revealing the members of the group. Karam, Injun, and Jay known for the group DGNA are set to debut in early 2024 along with two new members Reon and Kyle

Karam and Injun Jay, who appeared in last year's JTBC audition program 'Peak Time' as a team at 23 o'clock, showed a willingness to make a new debut with a strong expression.

In particular, the identity of the two new members was unveiled. Reon is revealed to be 182cm tall, have perfect visuals, excellent English skills, and was in charge of rap and sub-vocals in the group. Kyle, a sub-vocal position, is 181cm tall and is expected to become a window of global communication as a member fluent in three languages, including Korean, English, and Indonesian.

The group's name "ASC2NT,"  is based on the term "ASCENT," which means "climb" and "rise," and the number "2" means to start a second life and aspirations to climb to a higher place by starting a second life.

The agency representative commented, "ASC2NT will make its debut in the first half of this year." "We will show the special synergy of ASC2NT, as it consists of new members with outstanding talent and solid members of the team."

Meanwhile, New Ways Company is a company founded by Park Kwangwon, a veteran manager of 25 years. Starting with the launch of the first boy group ASC2NT, they plan to recruit potential artists in the future.

In the meantime, fans in Canada can look forward to future performances from ASC2NT, as more details will be revealed later. 

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