Atlanta's Kpop Utopia: KPOPPIA

Cheyenne Chong

Atlanta has a new Kpop store and even more opportunities for fans to get together, at 'your Kpop utopia,' KPOPPIA. Over the course of it's soft opening and various pop-ups, KPOPPIA has hosted Ateez, JINI, and Oneus comeback cupsleeve events, Atiny (Ateez's fandom name) weekend in honor of Atiny's anniversary, with more to come in the future! One of the biggest draws of KPOPPIA are the events, hosted by the store team and fans. Allowing creative freedom and welcoming all fandoms, KPOPPIA creates opportunities to connect and have fun even when your favorite artists aren't in town.

Shopping space of Kpoppia.

With a consistent stock of signed albums, tour merch, and more, the items on the shelves are enough to get any fan through the door. But what really makes this new shop a 'utopia' are the spaces for relaxation, conversation, photocard trading, and even snacking on items in the miniature version of a Korean convenience store.

Left side of the photo shows fans in a costume contest and the right side of the photo is of fans photocard trading in an Atlanta Kpop store.

The January event calendar is filling up, so don't miss out and stay up to date on KPOPPIA events and stock on their Instagram. Also, stay up to date on Kpop events everywhere, concerts, and more here at 

KPOPPIA January Event Calendar

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