OnlyOneOf DrOps EP Album "things I can't say lOve" and 'dOpamine' Music Video

OnlyOneOf has returned with a new EP album "things i can't saw lOve" on January 10.

The EP marks the culmination of the musical direction that OnlyOneOf has developed over the years.

"Lovers whose love was not blessed, feelings of love that had to be hidden and concealed. The method of love, which is often said to be minor, is brought to the forefront and sung."

The title song ‘dOpamine’ is a term that refers to the excitement and pleasure that comes with love, and is a song about a love that one falls in love with without realizing it. It is a song of the UK drum and bass genre that continues to repeat itself and captivates listeners with its addictive melody.

dOpamine Music Video 

The b-side song ‘give me the lOve, bitxx’ is music that emphasizes OnlyOneOf’s boyish charm under a refreshing sound, described as  music from a Pocari Sweat advertisement. In addition, ‘O’ is a RnB song that further strengthens OnlyOneOf’s signature style under the leadership of Haeil, who has directed OnlyOneOf’s music.

Member Nine’s self-composed song ‘gravity’ is a song that highlights Nine’s musical ability as a producer, and expresses the change of emotions that are drawn like gravity through a flowing melody.

Through the web drama Bump Up Business, all members broadened their acting spectrum and expanded their world view outside of music. The group will embark on a 2024 tour 'things i can't say lOve" beginning in April. Tickets are available at

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