CIX are AI Heartthrobs for 1st Single Album "0 or 1"

 Photo Cr: C9 Entertainment

CIX returns with their 1st single album, 0 or 1. This single comes eight months after the release of their EP, ‘OK’ Episode 2: I’m OK, the finale to the group’s ‘OK’ series. With this single album, CIX aims to show a different side of themselves to FIX (the name for their fans) without straying away from what makes them unique.

“We are returning with a song that explores a completely new vibe, something that we have never tried before. We know that our fans will enjoy this new concept so we are extremely excited and happy for this comeback. We are determined to do our best during this promotion, so please show us lots of love and support.”

– YONGHEE,  Member of CIX

 “Lovers or Enemies” Music Video

The first song on the album is “Lovers or Enemies.” It is a dance-pop confessional song that asks the listener to choose between being their lover or their enemy. The second track, “그림자,” talks about devoted love and how it is okay to be someone’s shadow. Producer KZ, returned to take part in composing and arranging this song, after working with CIX in the past for their first studio album, OK Prologue: Be OK

“This song is a direct confession of love, urging you to decide between being my lover or enemy. It deviates from our usual musical style, so we were quite curious about how our fans would react to it from the moment we first listened to the song and until we finished its recording. We put in a lot of effort thinking of our fans, FIX, who have awaited our comeback, so please send us your love and interest!”

– BX, Member of CIX

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