GreatGuys to Reform as a 3 Member Group in February 2024

Ciera Reeves

On January 2, DNA Entertainment announced that GreatGuys will end activities as an eight member group after the Japan concerts running from January 12 - 29.

The exclusive contracts of the members HAN EUL, DA UN YEON, DONG IN, and HWAL CHAN will end on February 1, 2024 after 7 years. 

The members HO RYEONG, DONG HWI, and BAEKGYEOL will continue on as GreatGuys after a long and in-depth discussion. 

DNA Entertainment expressed gratitude to the members and fans and promise to show better performances in the future. 

GreatGuys debuted in 2017 with the single album "Last Men" and most recent comeback was the 6th mini album "Record of Youth : EP. 2: Deeply" in November 2023.

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