Pledis Entertainment's New Group TWS Drops Pre-Release Single ‘Oh Mymy : 7s’


A new year has begun, and the rookie groups have started their debuts. Introduced under Pledis Entertainment, TWS (Twenty Four Seven With Us) is the newest addition to the company after nine years, following the success of Seventeen. TWS revealed themselves on January 2nd with their prologue pre-release single 'Oh Mymy: 7s.'

After a long-awaited mystery, the video introduced all six members (Shinyu, Dohoon, Youngjae, Hanjin, Jihoon, and Kyungmin.)The band was full of excitement and passion, exclaiming their eagerness to finally make their debut. Alongside mini-interviews, plenty of clips were unveiled detailing the debut preparation, including a feature from Seventeen mentoring the boys.

In a press release, the video is described as, “The performance of 'Oh Mymy: 7s', showing the six members who were shrouded in mystery... It is a song that embodies TWS' confidence that 'I can show what kind of person I am in just 7 seconds.' This is a team with the ambition to become a precious friend who makes the ordinary daily lives of the public and fans special with refreshing and bright energy. 

In the current K-pop realm, boy groups have been showcasing loud and dark concepts; instead, TWS has decided to show a small part of the image they plan to create. Aiming to stimulate the pure and beautiful emotions of boyhood by promoting their own genre titled ‘Boyhood Pop,’ which is an expansion of their team's identity, With the visuals giving a first glimpse of a fresh and simple look, they, of course, add their charm.

Echoed in the new single itself, it's visibly fun and lighthearted, with an emphasis on youth singing, “Every day we're young and fresh.” The chorus is simplistic, with the low chants of my, my, my; it makes for easy listening and is reminiscent of early Seventeen. Not only are the vocals of the group top-notch, but the choreography is seamless, with all six working well and showing their hard work has paid off.

The new single gives just a small glimpse into the potential that this group carries, their upcoming mini album will be released on 22nd January titled Sparkling Blue.

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