H1-KEY is 'Thinkin' About You' This Winter

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H1-KEY releases a digital single, “Thinkin’ About You,” marking the beginning of their project, H1-KEYnote. With this project, the group hopes to send comfort and sentiment to everyone through the power of their music with no restrictions to their expressions. It is the first of many songs that are part of the project that will aim to share H1-KEY’s various untold stories and messages with their fans, M1-KEY.

HI-KEY is back :) We’re presenting our first love song that is filled with a winter vibe, so please give it a lot of love! Shout out to M1-KEY” – SEOI, Member of H1-KEY

“H1-KEY, whom you can trust when you listen, is back with a new concept! I hope you find warmth with this song during the cold winter!” – HWISEO, Member of H1-KEY

The song, “Thinkin’ About You,” is a pop track with a warm tone. It expresses the mature and realistic longing for a lover after breaking up by portraying a strong and independent person who is sad about it yet never gives in to shedding a tear. The track was written and composed by many well-known singers-songwriters and producers including Ryan JhunMartin Stilling (known for writing and producing songs for artists such as Léon, Charli XCX, and Zedd), Moa Pettersson Hammar, and KIDDO


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