AB6IX Returns with 8th EP Album "The Future is Ours: FOUND"

Ciera Reeves

On January 22, AB6IX has returned with their 8th EP, THE FUTURE IS OURS : FOUND. This album serves as the conclusion to the album series, connecting to their EP from May 2023, THE FUTURE IS OUR : LOST. Previously, the group shared their pain, wounds, and steps towards growing up. With this new release, through their maturity and determination, they send a message of courage and hope to listeners, encouraging them to continue stepping forward toward a brighter future.

'Grab Me' Music Video

The EP includes five new songs. The title track, “GRAB ME,” is a pop rock song that delivers the hopeful message of never giving up during the darkest moments in your life and about enduring the pain together. It also carries the group’s determination and promise to spend the future with their fans, ABNEW. The other songs included in the EP are “Whistle,” “Traveler,” “All Night,” and “ILY (I Love You).” 

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