KI MYOHAN Releases Single 'Sugar Rush Ride'

, who joined the group BEE BEE TAN as a new member, has become the next generation synth pop artist.

KI MYOHAN, a breakout star in Korea's advertising world, officially debuted in the K-POP scene on January 17th with the debut track 'Sugar Rush Ride' in the synthpop genre.

KI MYOHAN not only makes a grand entry as the next big K-pop artist but also showcases his skills as a songwriter and arranger, causing quite a stir in the industry.

Having been the face of major domestic and international brands, KI MYOHAN's bold moves, uncharacteristic of a newcomer, have everyone wondering if his transition from the ad world to a K-pop star will be just as impactful. With the upcoming release of his group BEE BEE TAN's EP album and plans for international expansion in the first half of the year, KI MYOHAN is set to have a sizzling year ahead.

The agency commented, 

"We have high hopes for KI MYOHAN as a new member of BEE BEE TAN and look forward to meeting you all soon with a concert aligned with the release of the BEE BEE TAN EP."

"Stranger Things" (Sugar Rush Ride) Music Video


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