EVNNE Has First Comeback with 2nd Mini Album [Un: SEEN]


EVNNE returns with the release of their 2nd mini-album [Un: SEEN]. This is their first comeback since their debut in September 2023 with their album [Target: ME], where they introduced themselves to their fans as a group and shared the rowdy side of their personalities.  However, with [Un: SEEN], the members share the untold stories behind the scars created by their road to debuting and from their lives. Through this new music, the EVNNE members hope to convey the ‘seen’ and ‘unseen’ sides of themselves. 

“We expressed another rascal-like side with newly upgraded energy and this time, I participated in both composing and writing lyrics, so I think it became a more meaningful album to me.” 

– KEITA, Member of EVNNE

“Unlike the first album, we came back as more mature rascals with this second album, so we're happy to show you all a more diverse side of us. All the songs including the b-side tracks in this second album are good, so please listen to it a lot.”


"UGLY" Music Video

[Un: SEEN] includes five new songs: “UGLY,” “SYRUP,” “K.O. (Keep On),” “Chase,” and “Festa.” The title track, “UGLY,” talks about accepting the ‘ugly’ sides of yourself. Although the word has negative connotations, EVNNE encourages listeners to embrace it without hesitation or worry and shares a message of acceptance and self-ride. Once again, the members of EVNNE have participated in creating their music. On this mini-album, there is a track by the name of “SYRUP,” in which KEITAYUNSEO, and JEONGHYEON each participated in the writing of the lyrics. “Chase” contains lyrics written by KEITA and SEUNGEON. And for the track “Festa,” KEITA took part in writing the song’s melody and rap lines. 

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