[Review] MosBank Bring Fans Holiday Cheer at Year-End Fanmeeting

As the year came to a close, Thai actor duo MosBank, most known for the series Big Dragon, hosted an online fanmeet on December 23rd titled ‘Mistletoe Magic’, that fans of the pair had the pleasure of attending.

Greeted warmly by the hosts, attendees from various countries were informed that the event would be conducted with an English-Thai translator. This format allowed for fans to discuss the conversations and questions as they were happening without any delays–something the viewers definitely appreciated, and allowed the boys themselves room to say exactly what they wanted without worries. This format was preferable to live subtitles as it gave an opportunity for every party to communicate effectively with little room for error.

As the boys connected their video and came into view with an adorable rendition of ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’, the fanmeet began with laughter and joy, which would carry on throughout the entire hour and 15 minute duration. The background was littered with various Christmas-themed plushies, MosBank were decked out in holiday sweaters, questions were asked, anecdotes were shared, and games were played.

Through the various questions asked by the hosts, Bank revealed he adores snow despite never having actually seen it personally, he still believes in Santa Claus, and he likes “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” largely due to Mariah Carey’s yearly tradition of escaping the ice. Revelations from Mos include him enjoying winter because of the fashion options, his biggest inspiration at the moment is Bank, and he’d love to act in a superhero movie.

Unexpectedly, fans received many surprise songs! From a duet rendition of ‘Between Us’, to Bank’s ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ and an announcement of a future duet release, there was plenty of music present for everyone to enjoy throughout the event.

One fan-favorite moment from the event was MosBank playing a game the hosts named “My Christmas List”, in which the boys had to write five presents they each have on their list this year, and guess what the other wrote. The prize? For every gift guessed correctly, a fan would win a piece of merchandise from the “Big Dragon” drop. Watching how well the pair knew each other was exciting for attendees and it was impossible to ignore their chemistry. In the end, even though only six guesses were correctly made, the hosts gave away all of the merchandise anyway! Christmas definitely came early for the 10 lucky fans who managed to snag an item.

Another highlight was the boys’ response to a fan asking for something they’d say to fans who are having a hard time. Mos said he’s always grateful to the fans because they’re by his side when he is having a hard time, so he wanted to say that it’s important to love themselves just like they love him. Bank shared that he’ll always be there for fans and that “whatever happens, it’s just a bad day and not a bad life”, which stuck with the hosts and viewers alike – it’s a quote to keep close to your heart for any future hardships.

As time finished up, with heavy hearts, everyone said goodbye. Mos sweetly said he wants to visit every country he has fans in to see everyone in person, especially the fanmeet attendees, and Bank made it known he had lots more to show even though the current series had already come to an end.

Fans from various countries including Czech Republic, Japan, USA, Canada, Sweden, Brazil, & Mexico, to name a few, came together to spend precious time with their favorite actors, proving once again that a common interest and love can bring people together no matter what.

Things ran smoothly with no connection issues, it was entertaining, and the hosts themselves were clearly fans of the boys, which made the experience all the more fun. On top of that, an email was sent out to attendees afterwards offering free exclusive photocards and a postcard to everyone.

BLoved Entertainment, Neomu K-pop, and Star Hunter Entertainment went above and beyond to make this event special for the fans, and they absolutely delivered.

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