Vocal Powerhouse Sohyang Releases 'Blessing' Featuring YDG


Renowned vocalists Sohyang and YDG(Yang Donggeun) have made their comeback in the hip-hop scene! Sohyang, known as the ‘singer of the singers’ for her heavenly voice showcased on popular shows like “King of Masked Singer” and “I Am a Singer,” released a new single titled “BLESSING (Feat. YDG)” on January 28.

Despite being recognized for her angelic image, Sohyang is expected to transform this release, embracing a powerful and dynamic queen-of-fusion persona.

Inspired by the scene in the movie ‘Amadeus’ where Mozart creates the Requiem, Sohyang took charge of the track-making process for “BLESSING (Feat. YDG).” The song features a majestic melody crafted by the composition team C.P.K (Sohyang, Petra, and Touch’s Chae Dohyun) on top of Sohyang’s existing track.

The weighty beat, philosophical lyrics, and grand sound evoke deep emotions such as darkness, sorrow, and despair within the human soul. Sohyang’s haunting voice echoes through the dark valley swept by thunder, followed by Petra’s fantastical ad-libs and YDG’s husky rap, culminating in the song's climax. As the song progresses, a mood reminiscent of light breaking through the darkness suggests hope emerging in the valley of despair. “BLESSING (Feat. YDG)” serves as a message of encouragement from Sohyang, C.P.K, and YDG to everyone living in contemporary despair.

'BLESSING' Music Video

The music video, released alongside the audio, is recommended for its cinematic visuals and the outstanding acting of actor Yang Donggeun, who is set to appear in Squid Game Season 2. Throughout the video, hidden meanings of the message that Sohyang aims to convey through her music can be found. The overall choreography of the song, handled by the Primekings dance crew, adds a unique aspect to this album.

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