BLACKSWAN Works the Runway for Seoul Fashion Week 2024

Ciera Reeves

On February 5, multi-national K-pop girl group BLACKSWAN graced the fifth day of Seoul Fashion Week 2024 with their presence.

GREEDILOUS, recognized for its innovative designs and boundary-pushing concepts, once again pushed the envelope by presenting fall and winter looks that defied traditional norms. The runway became a canvas for a spectacular display of bold patterns and vibrant colors, challenging the conventional expectations of seasonal fashion. BLACKSWAN's charismatic presence seamlessly complemented the avant-garde pieces, adding an extra layer of allure to the already captivating collection.

BLACKSWAN's members, with their striking and diverse individual styles, embodied the spirit of GREEDILOUS' collection. Each member brought a unique energy to the runway, enhancing the overall aesthetic and making a bold statement about the intersection of music and fashion. 

As the BLACKSWAN members gracefully navigated the runway, it was evident that their foray into the world of fashion was not a fleeting endeavor. The group's presence at Seoul Fashion Week 2024 not only solidified their status as trendsetters but also opens potential for future collaborations.

Check out BLACKSWAN's appearance at the GREEDILOUS show as models and performers here!

6:01:41 Photo shoot 6:41:11 'Karma' performance 6:45:43 Fatou 6:49:13 Sriya 6:50:08 Fatou 6:50:52 Gabi 6:55:23 Sriya 6:58:10 Gabi 6:58:51 Nvee 7:03:17 Fatou 7:04:11 Nvee

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