Group VAV Parts Ways with ATEAM After 8 Years

On February 29, ATEAM, the agency of boy group VAV announced that the exclusive contract together has come to an end. 

"Hello, we are ATEAM.

First of all, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to the fans who have loved and supported VAV.

Unfortunately, we are sad to share that the exclusive contracts with the VAV members have come to an end. 

After many discussions, VAV and ATEAM have mutually agreed to terminate the exclusive contract.

We deeply appreciate VAV members for their long-standing commitment as our artists and we will continue to support their individual activities in the future.

We kindly ask fans to continue showing unwavering love and encouragement to all the members for embarking on a new journey.  

Thank you." 

VAV debuted in October 2015, with their first single "Under the Moonlight." Their latest album, the 7th mini album "Subcönscióus"  in June 2023, following a military hiatus. The group embarked on a tour world tour from the later quarter of 2023 until January 2024. 

We wish the best for the future activities of the VAV members. 

Ciera Reeves

Ciera is the founder of KpopWise. She has been a fan of Korean pop culture since 2005 and writing about it since 2009. Her bias groups are VIXX and OnlyOneOf. She is a 2nd-3rd generation K-pop fan, but she is actively keeping up with the current artists. twitter instagram

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