H1-KEY Releases Second Track from H1-KEYnote Project "Deeper"

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“M1-KEY! “Deeper” feels somewhat new, right? We made a comeback so soon because we always miss you :) We hope you have a great time with H1-KEY~”
 – RIINA, member of H1-KEY

H1-KEY is back with their new single, “기뻐 (Deeper).” This song is the second track released that is part of their H1-KEYnote project, the first being their previous single, ‘Thinkin’ About You,” which was released on January 19. Through this project, the group hopes to continue showcasing their musical color by sending comfort and sentiments to all listeners and their fans, M1-KEY.

“Deeper” is a pop track mixed with modern rock sounds. With this song, the group aims to describe the self-healing journey of never losing hope during difficult times. Young K from DAY6 and Hong Ji Sang, the producers who have worked with H1-KEY on “Rose Blossom” and “SEOUL,” once again joined forces to take part in the song’s overall production.

Stream “Deeper”

“Please give a lot of love to “Deeper” as it is the second part of the ‘H1-KEYnote’ project which carries H1-KEY’s hopeful message and determination. I’m so happy to release the new track of H1-KEY!” – HWISEO, member of H1-KEY


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