M.O.N.T Releases 4th Mini Album "IDGAF" After 3-year Hiatus

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On February 27, 2024, 3 member all-rounder group M.O.N.T (Narachan, Bitsaeon, and Roda) released their 4th Mini Album "IDGAF" marking the the group's first official release since 2020, due to their military enlistments to the delight of MINT (fan name).

"IDGAF" is a new album released 3 years and 4 months after the third mini album "ANTI-HERO." M.O.N.T who has a variety of talents ranging from vocals, performance, and lyric writing, took on the challenge of band music through this album.

The title track 'IDGAF' (Do Whatever You Want) is a song that instills confidence through powerful electric guitars and drum sounds that express heightened emotions, and the highlight is the sing-along section in the chorus.

'IDGAF' Music Video

According to the members, the key word of this album is freedom. "I hope you can fully enjoy the freshness that can be felt when you break away from the stereotyped perspective."¹

The album include three other songs besides the title, 'Honestly,' completely written, composed, and arranged by Roda,  'Like You,' and 'Lucky' a solo by Narachan with lyrics written by Jay Chang.

Fans who went to the live showcase praised the group for their live performance skills in vocals and instruments

Meanwhile, member Bitsaeon is participating in Mnet's vocal boy group project survival show Buildup

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