Independent K-pop Artist Jai.B Releases Debut Single "Never Let You Go"

Ciera Reeves


Up-and-coming K-Pop artist Jai B. released his first single “Never Let You Go” (Korean title: 이불보다 너) on December 26, 2023. “Never Let You Go” is a cozy pop ballad dedicated to the lover that keeps you warm in cold weather. Through lyrics like “when it’s cold, I just want to hear your warm voice”, “Never Let You Go” is a comforting cup of hot cocoa on a snowy winter night.

Jai B. is a singer/songwriter hailing from Los Angeles, California, and currently residing in Jacksonville, Florida. Jai started out writing and composing music when he was just 13 years old. After falling in love with K-Pop at 17, he dedicated his time to studying the Korean language, Korean culture, and even briefly moved to Korea to study at a K-Pop academy and audition for K-Pop companies. 

Now back in The States, Jai is taking his artistic journey into his own hands by writing, composing, producing and independently releasing his music. “Never Let You Go” is a song Jai began composing in 2021, and now after 3 years, it’s a perfect testament to his artistic identity & growth. Jai looks forward to finding and building his community both online and IRL through singing and performing music that transcends language.

"Never Let You Go" Live Session


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