J-Hope is the Gift that Keeps on Giving with Docu-series and Soundtrack Hope On The Street.Vol 1 this March

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It may have been Jung Hoseok's 30th birthday, but he's provided ARMY with the ultimate gift in the form of brand new content. At 12 p.m. KST, BigHit dropped the trailer for Hope On The Street. The docu-series will see J-Hope take us back to his dance roots and showcase the immense dance moves he’s so famous for. 

Excitingly, a special six-track album titled Hope On The Street Vol. 1 will also accompany the docuseries to enhance our viewing experience. In a statement, BigHit exclaimed, “HOPE ON THE STREET VOL.1” is a special album featuring a total of six tracks and will be released alongside “HOPE ON THE STREET,” a docuseries that trails j-hope’s dance journey. Please join j-hope as he looks back on his dance journey by listening to “HOPE ON THE STREET VOL.1” and watching the “HOPE ON THE STREET” docuseries.

Before his debut with BTS, J-Hope was well known in his hometown of Gwangju’s dance scene, later going on to join the underground Hip-Hop dance team Neuron. For fans, this will give us an insight into his humble beginnings, and a deeper dive into his love for dance.

Of course, today he’s the celebrated dance leader for BTS, where their tight and in-sync choreography has become legendary to many around the world. His talent doesn’t end there, not only renowned for his incredible dance skills; he’s a Hot 100 Billboard soloist. His debut single, Chicken Noodle Soup, featuring Latin star Becky G, went on to go viral with their fun dance challenge. 

The first full-length feature album, 2022’s 'Jack in the Box,' sparked a new direction, with a darker sound in comparison to 2018’s Hope World. An electrically charged narrative explored his journey to the top, and how he burned brighter than he’d planned in his quest for success. 

With his unwavering passion towards his art form unable to slow him down, he decided to challenge himself by headlining Chicago’s Lollapalooza, leading him to become the first Korean soloist to headline in the festival's history. This was featured on his poignant documentary Jack In The Box, which saw him meet his idol American rapper J.Cole. It was this meeting that saw them work together on the surprise track in March 2023 with the R&B single On The Street before Hope enlisted for his military service.

Hope on the Street is to be released on March 3rd on Amazon Prime, as well as TVING in South Korea. The soundtrack is due for release on March 29th, and Pre-orders are available now on all good retailers! Save 10% when using our code kpopwise at hellolive Shop!

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