PLAVE's 2nd Mini Album "ASTERUM 134-1" becomes Melon's Most Streamed Album within 24Hours in 2024

On February 26, virtual boy group PLAVE released their 2nd Mini Album "ASTERUM 134-1" and the title song 'WAY 4 LUV' as the group's first comeback of 2024.  

This album is the last album in the Asterum trilogy, following the debut single 'Asterum' and the first mini album 'Asterum: The Shape of Things to Come'. It contains a total of 5 new songs and the inclusion of the popular digital single 'Merry PLLIstmas'  which was released on December 12, to further improve the completeness.


The members themselves are responsible for writing lyrics, composing, and even choreographing all six songs, adding to the true character of self-producing idols.

'WAY 4 LUV' is a song with impressive guitar, drum, and bass sounds based on a band sound. In particular, the repetitive guitar riff makes the song highly addictive, and the strong drum and bass sounds further enhance the rhythm of the song. Along with PLAVE's unique lyrical atmosphere, the sophisticated melody with a pop sensibility, and the catchy lyrics of the chorus are also impressive. The lyrics depict PLAVE leaving to find love.

WAY 4 LUV music video 

In an impressive feat, the album became the most streamed album within the first 24 hours of release on MelOn in 2024 at 6.04M streams.

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