TRI.BE Releases Single Album "DIAMOND"

Ciera Reeves

The group TRI.BE shines like a perfect diamond. TRI.BE made a comeback with the release of its fourth single ‘Diamond’ on February 20.

'Diamond' compares the process of six girls with different lifestyles, cultures, and personalities overcoming hardships and adversity to find their true selves, and the members who were unpolished stones eventually become like perfect diamonds just by existing. It contains the meaning of shining.

The title song of the same name, 'Diamond', has positive lyrics that seem to memorize a spell to get me up when I want to give up, a chorus that everyone can sing along to, and Afrobeats' unique laid-back atmosphere that blends well with TRI.BE's vocals. NOB, the leader of the street dance crew LADYBOUNCE, participated in the choreography of this song.

The b-side song ‘Run’ depicts TRI.BE's unstoppable run toward their dreams, with the members directly participating in writing and composing the lyrics and expressing their wishes to each other and fans.

Trivi has been polishing his own gemstone during a gap of about a year. They plan to kick off their activities in 2024 with a more relaxed and mature appearance than their previous work, showing off their brilliant charm like a ‘self-luminous’ diamond.

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